4 Panel Bag

It is the original Polypropylene bulk bag design Sewn along four separate pieces of fabric to create four panel bag.

It can carry up to 2000 kg of weight depending on customer specification.

It is commonly used for the following:

  • Chemicals, Fertilizers, Grain, cement, seeds, rice, pharmaceutical and etc

Lining can be used for protection of product against moisture, contamination and to ensure hygienic transportation

Circular Bag

It is made from fabric woven on circular loom cut to length for a specific height of the bag avoiding vertical seams on each bag sides The tube/circular design is ideal for linerless option for fine material It can be an alternative for a 4 panel bag construction

Capacity up to 2000 kg
Common use: Chemicals, minerals, salt, fertilizers, beans, cement, Pharmaceutical, etc

Container/bag liners can also be used to protect product from moisture, contamination and also ensure hygienic transportation

Polypropylene Mini Bags

Mini Bags are manufactured from a woven polypropylene fabric of a lower/higher strength depending on customer’s specification.

Commonly used for military, sand, seeds, animal feeds, chemicals, minerals, fertilizers, grains and other food stuff.

Capacity from 10 kg up 500 kg depending on product

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  • Bulk Bags(FIBC)
  • Minerals Bags,Sugar Bags, Fertilizer Bags,Cement Bags and
  • Tree plant Bags
  • Polypropylene Small Bag(feeds and Seeds Bags, Grain Bags
  • Sacks

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